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The story starts all the way back at Grandma Fiasco’s house. Patti said when she would stop by her grandma would be so upset that she didn’t cook anything, next thing you know, there is a table full of food and you hear the Italian words “Manja! Manja!” or in English, “Eat! Eat!”.

Patti had kept this in mind when she started baking, she had gotten pregnant with Andrew and she wanted to stay home to bake out of her house, to make her own money. She started in the kitchen and after destroying it, she turned the basement into her own little bakery. Cakes and cookies were being eaten and when word spread, her little bakery kept growing. So, Patti kept baking, and as Andrew got older, he would help her and they had some of the fondest times in that little basement bakery. Many laughs and fun times were had as Patti would have family and friends over to help her and her son bake, so it kept growing. Andrew had decided that he wanted to open up a shop with his mom, and him being a college student at the time, saw there were no good coffee shops around

that students could study in, so they dreamed to open not only a full-service bakery with bakers but also a full-service coffee shop with baristas.

A saying that Andrew held onto during this time was the Italian saying “La Familia Sempre” or “Family Always” and when he told Patti that was what he wanted the shop to feel like, she told him that is what they will build on. So, the shop opened, “La Familia Sempre” remains the saying, all to capture that same feeling that grandma Fiasco gave. Now more people will hear those same Italian words, “Manja! Manja!”.

Whoever comes in the shop, we want them to feel like they are walking into grandma’s house. When you go into a place like that, it is magical, you walk out feeling better than when you walked in. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the best day, or the worst, you walk out feeling recharged and like you got away from the World for a little bit. A place like that is a nurturing and refreshing environment, that is what makes the shop so special. It keeps grandma Fiasco’s memory alive and allows other people to feel that same nurturing feeling that we are able to pass on. This is what is really about, making everyone who comes in feel like they are part of the family and keeping the family’s memory alive! Just like the saying, “La Familia Sempre”.

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